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Classic and vintage car prices are on the rise reaching new heights with every auction. Auction house sales of collectible cars in 2014 grew to over $1.3 billion, beating what many thought was a high water mark in 2013 of $1.2 billion in sales. All you need to do is turn on the television or attend any of the classic car auctions and you’ll see buying and selling of classic automobiles for amounts that seem unjustifiable.


Autosport Advisory Services include:


  • Worldwide market price analysis of your classic car of interest. Careful research within listing websites, trade papers, auctions and other sources serve as additional information justifying current car value.

  • Detail analysis of classic car pricing changes over recent months as well as an educated forecast of classic car value in the near future.

  • Identification of known “issues” that may be common to certain classic car models and ways to avoid and/or remedy them.
  • Providing detail information and advice about classic car auctions worldwide as well as professional guidance on requirements, conditions, and pricing structure of the auction house business.

  • Creating additional marketing strategies to sell your classic car including our own proprietary database built over a 25+ year business.

  • All the services are provided worldwide.


Our team of highly passionate and knowledgeable classic car experts advise potential buyers on their purchase of a classic automobile as well as assisting in current market price evaluation. From guidance and consultation on building your own automobile collection to onsite auction assistance, we greatly improve your possibility of success.

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