Our Team

Tom Papadopoulos

Owner / Automobile sales & Service

Tom is the founder of Autosport Designs. Starting off as a mechanic and later restorer because of much desire associated with cars. Porsches were the foundation of the business but his true loves were vintage Aston Martin’s and Ferrari’s. Many new locations have difficulty building a dedicated clientele, however at Autosport Designs our motto remains the same over 30 years later, “We cared, so they came”. 

Gary Elias

Automobile Sales

Gary has been a part of the Autosport team since 2019. His experience selling high end cars since the late 90’s has led him to become a Sales Manager. His journey began at the early stages of the automotive internet craze 20 years ago. Much has changed since then but one thing remains true. He treats every vehicle that passes through his hands with care.

Laura Interrant

Office Manager

Laura has been part of the Autosport team since 2010, managing our office. With plenty of experience in the automotive industry, Laura has quite an extensive list of accomplishments. During her time off she enjoys cooking, spending time with family, traveling, and visiting her project-home in the Hamptons that she anticipates moving in to when all is finished.

Antoine Crettol

Vice-President / Service Manager

Antoine has been part of the Autosport team since 1991. His experience in sales and service has led him to become the Vice President & Service Manager. He believes cars are rolling works of art. Following the engineering and evolution from when cars were first designed to modern cars.

Bert Mota

Workshop Forman

Bert has been a part of the Autosport team since 1999. His experience working on high end cars since the mid 90’s has led him to become a Workshop Forman. His lifelong commitment to cars comes from the challenge, engineering, and adrenaline rush that makes each car special.

Justin Appelbaum

Operations Manager

Justin has been part the Autosport team since 2021, but has spent the better part of the last 20 years in the automotive industry, first as a technician on the service side and later manager on the product side.  He grew up working on Porsches and going to racetracks like Bridgehampton, Lime Rock and Watkins Glen with his father as a spectator and participant.  He lived through the heyday of the JDM import scene and has evolved into an all-around aficionado of everything petrol.

Dawn Cames

General Manager

Dawn has been a part of the Autosport team since 2021. With 30 years in the automotive industry, she works with all team members to ensure and maintain key performance goals while balancing an enjoyable environment for all. Her first love of horsepower began as an equestrian at a young age and shares her love of animals with us here at Autosport by bringing in our beloved 4 legged mascot “Steve” to visit us on occasion.

Jenny Dietz

Marketing & Event Manager

Jenny has been a part of the Autosport team since 2021, but her love for cars started at an early age working on a ground-up resto project with her father. While the majority of her experience in the automotive world consisted of modernized cars like Audi and Ferrari, her love for timeless classic cars led her straight to Autosport. Her interests include traveling, event coordination, photography, wildlife rescue, and all things outdoors.

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