2007 Pennewitz

PoRSChe 356 Speedster

These rare handbuilt cars were produced in very limited quantities and are manufactured with the approval and license of the Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche AG.
The cars are produced at a scale of 1:2.3 to the original 1:1 Porsche cars

Body is hand-laminated fiberglass
Chassis is made of aluminium & special steel
Drivetrain is a 24 volt electric motor with sounds & lights
Pneumatic tires
Adjustable seat
Gears: 2 forward and 1 reverse
Speed: 5 to 17mph
Age groups: Speedster 3-12 years of age...depending upon size & weight

Car also includes wooden steering-wheel, 24 volt charger.
Details such as chrome-plated fuel tank caps, headlights, ventilation grids, side moldings, the Speedster lettering in metallic gold, Leather hood fasteners etc. are standard features.

Please watch our video featuring this Pennewitz 356 in motion:
Autosport Designs Pennewitz Porsche 356 Speedster

Please enjoy an article about Mr. Pennewitz featured on Porsche AG's own press page:
Miniature Marvels

Price: $12,500