2014 Ferrari

250 GT California Junior Car

Silver over Red interior, 5.0kW/120cc four-stroke engine, three-speed semi-automatic gearbox, Designed for the young or fully grown adult.

"Half-scale cars are small enough and timid enough to stage a mini Grand Prix in your own backyard, and theyre an ideal initial experience for a young adult to develop a first-hand relationship with motorininertia, momentum, yaw and traction when the human learning system is at its most receptive and can be calibrated for life" Harrington Group

All of the cars run a 5.0 kW 120 cc four-stroke motor, but as the cars only weigh a bit over 200 kg and have a small frontal area, in standard form, they're good for 44 mph (72 kmh). The engine and gearbox unit sourced from Loncin/Lifan uses a three-speed (plus reverse), semi-automatic transmission with a sequential gear change and is employed by a number of manufacturers in producing quad bikes.

The pedal box is also adjustable so that the same car can be used by a six year old or a six foot three parent, and the transition to the second generation of scaled cars was done with a great deal of thought for the parents who would share the fun, right down to the size of the seat required to comfortably accommodate said parents' bottoms.

The Ferrari uses an electric starter and 12 volt electrics with working lights, horn and indicators. The fuse box is in the trunk along with the spare wheel and battery, so everything is easily accessible.

This superb Ferrari 250 is in excellent condition and provenance. We are happy to say it has found a new home with a good friend - Ferrari collector and will most certainly be used for his son to enjoy the same passion as Dad.

Price On Request