1958 Packard

Hawk Coupe

White with Gold trim, Tan leather interior, Tan carpeting, Restored, 289ci V8 Supercharged engine with 275bhp, Automatic transmission, Rare one of 588 produced, Final year of Packard production, 1958 Minneapolis show car, Documented history, Well-known in Packard circles.

Packard was one of the leaders in American automotive history throughout prewar times. Wartime significantly strengthened the Big 3 automakers of GM, Ford and Chrysler leaving the independents like Packard to fend for themselves. In the 1950s, mergers of these independents became the norm to try and stay afloat. Packard merged with Studebaker as Packard needed a dealership network and Studebaker needed more cash.
The sporty Hawk was the favorite of these new Packard/Studebaker creations. The 275 horsepower Packard Hawk was the fastest four-seat car in America and could accelerate faster than a Thunderbird and hang with the lighter, 2-seater Corvette. Despite the performance advantage, the merger was ill-fated with just 588 Hawk Coupes produced for 1958, marking the end of the Packard name.

This rare Hawk Coupe was reportedly Packards Minneapolis show car in 1958 and was then originally purchased by a retired school teacher. The Hawk was then sold in 1969 from her estate to a young man who used to see the car at the local supermarket. He kept the car until 1980 when he sold it to Donny York, the lead singer for the music group Sha-Na-Na. The car was restored in the 1980s and was the headline car for Packards International in the Fall of 1985 under the ownership of Dr. Gilbert Zimmerman. Dr. Zimmerman then sold the Hawk to its next owner in Germany. Subsequently, this Hawk was returned to the United States where it has since remained in a North Carolina collection and where it has been kept with other rare classic vehicles where it has been sympathetically serviced and maintained when and where needed. Recent servicing includes new rubber around the front doors and windows, new engine and transmission mounts and a newly rebuilt fuel pump and fuel sender.

The Hawk is in excellent condition throughout and runs and drives well. As a rare final variant of Packard, it is even rarer to find such a well-preserved and excellent running condition Hawk ready for immediate touring enjoyment. This Packard Hawk includes its owners manual and sales brochure. We are proud to have taken a piece of Packard automotive history on trade and look forward to giving it another welcoming new and loving home for its future.


Price: $59,500
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