1991 Aston Martin


--Cannock Black with Black leather interior, Black Wilton Wool carpeting, Rare Aston Martin Works Service 6.3 Liter with widebody conversion, the 2nd Virage converted by the factory to this specification, Rare 5-speed manual gearbox, 32,000 miles from new, Well known to Autosport Designs having known it from its first ownership in Germany and later imported, purchased, sold and serviced by ASD.

Originally sold and delivered through Aston Martin dealer, Merz and Papst, Stuttgart, this Virage was the first Virage sold to Germany. Its first registered owner was Mr. Alexander Knapp-Voith, a well-known Aston collector and at one point in time the owner of the Aston Martin franchise dealer, Car and Driver, Hamburg, Germany. Subsequently, it was sold to another German Aston Martin collector, Dr. Roland Muller. Dr. Muller sent the Virage to Aston Martin Works Service to be converted to its bespoke 6.3 liter engine with widebody configuration as can be seen today. At a cost of over $200,000 dollars, almost as much as the original purchase price of the Virage, this was not an inexpensive conversion at the time.

The full conversion included an increased bore and stroke, an upgraded exhaust featuring special tuned-length manifolds and sports-type rear silencers, a revised fuel injection system, special Cosworth pistons, higher-lift camshafts, a new crankshaft and re-worked cylinder heads. This converted the slim, but heavy standard Virage with its 330 bhp @ 5300rpm and torque of 350lb/ft @ 4000rpm to Bespoke British supercar status with 500 bhp @ 6000rpm and 480 lb of torque @ 5800rpm that we have on offer.

To be able to support the extra power, this Virage 6.3 had numerous modifications and external changes to the chassis and the body work. The suspension has higher-rate springs and shock absorbers for greater stability, together with revised roll bar and wish bone mountings. OZ Racing 10.5” x 18” rims were fitted to give the 6.3 liter the adhesion it so badly needed. The wheel arches have been enlarged to accommodate the new wheels and new air extractors behind the front wheel arches have been added. New ABS brakes were installed including the largest disk brakes ever to be fitted on a production car with 14” racing pattern discs. The front spoiler was redesigned and a rear aerofoil spoiler was mounted. The interior was updated with a multi-speaker installation and newly designed front seats.

Used lightly by Dr. Muller, it was then sold to Canadian Aston Martin collector, Mr. P. Runner. In 1999, this 6.3 liter Virage was imported through Autosport Designs to the United States and federalized for registration in North America, prior to being deliver to its new home in Montreal, Canada. Therefore, this Rare 6.3 Widebody Virage has since been well known to Autosport Designs.

In 2008, 6.3 Virage was taken on trade from Mr. Runner. With just 17,000 miles from new at the time, it was serviced and subsequently sold to an Aston Martin collector here in Long Island, NY. In May of 2009, now having 18,000 miles from new, it was again taken on trade, this time towards an Aston Martin Virage Volante Widebody, these of course had all of the looks, but lacked the horsepower of the 6.3 liter conversion. None the less, they are extremely rare, only 13 imported to the United States. One can understand the logic when only using for Summer use in New York's Hamptons and where speed is not needed, but chic open top motoring is. Therefore, this 6.3 liter Virage found its next home of twelve years in the ownership of a well-known Aston Martin Owners Club member based in Maryland.

One of the most rare of the hand built bespoke V8 powered Aston's from Newport Pagnell era, it will need a bit of recommissioning to bring to exceptional cosmetic standards once again or it can be used almost immediately and after our recommended servicing/maintenance needs. It is complete with its books, tools, service records as well as full ownership history.

Please take a look at the following video and article performed on the vehicle:

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