1972 Maserati

Maserati Ghibli SS Convertible

--Emerald Green Met. with Fawn leather interior, Fawn carpeting and Black convertible cloth top, 5-speed manual, Air conditioning, Wire wheels, Power Steering, Numbers matching.

This Ghibli SS is 1 of 37 4.9 liter SS Spyders produced and 1 of only 20 imported to the USA through Maserati importer at the time, Grossman Motor Corp, Nyack, New York in 1971. In total, only 125 4.7 and 4.9 liter Ghibli Spyders were produced.

The Ghibli design by Giugiaro at Ghia was masterful. This stylish model, presented at the Turin Motor Show in 1966, was the ultimate development of front-engined V8 Maserati, this was helped by the magnificent four-cam engine designed by Giulio Alfieri, powerful and robust and capable of powering the Ghibli to well over 250 km/h. Cars capable of such speeds were rare at that time and Maserati gave the car a level of finishing that was particularly elegant and polished. The Ghibli represents the pinnacle of Italian GT cars.

The Spyder version, unveiled at the 1968 Turin Motor Show, was even more striking with a hood that disappeared beneath a special panel to give the car a beautifully clean, pure line. As stated in a past edition of Classic & Sportscar in an article on the Spyder Ghibli : "The Trident's history in competition is present in this splendid car, and when you hear the magnificent V8 engine start up, its relationship to the 450 S is clear."

The Maserati factory has confirmed that the car presented is a 4.9 liter Spyder sold new with manual gearbox, air conditioning and wire wheels an extremely rare and highly sought after configuration.

Between 1992 and 2000, it belonged to a various well-known collectors from Virginia, Florida and Texas prior to being traded to West Coast vintage automobile dealer, Heritage Classic, Los Angles, California. In 2000, this Spyder was purchased by known collector, Mr. Randolph Paisley, Toronto Canada and kept in his collection or as he likes to call it, “his Garage Mahal.” In October 2006, it was purchased by Autosport Designs, Inc., imported to the United States, serviced and offered for resale. Later in the month, it found a new home with well-known art collector, Mr. Adam Lindemann here in New York and where it was used for seasonal Hampton's use.

Subsequently serviced and maintained by Autosport Designs, it remained in Mr. Lindemann's ownership until July, 2010 when it was traded to Autosport Designs towards another significant automobile from our inventory. Sold once again by Autosport Designs, Inc., this Ghibli found new ownership with important European collector. Once back on the European continent, the Ghibli Spyder entrusted to the highly renowned Italian workshop and coach builder Carrozzeria Touring to carry out a total restoration that took several years.

Circa 2015, this Ghibli Spyder was consigned for auction in France. It was soon thereafter returned to the United States where it was sold to its most previous ownership, a celebrity residing in Los Angeles, California. Within this ownership, it has been housed beside several other exceptional automobiles. During this time, it has been serviced and cared for when and where needed. In its most recent past, this Ghibli Spyder has once again found its way back to Autosport Designs, Inc. where it has been traded towards another significant automobile from our inventory.

Currently in exceptional condition throughout, this rare, limited production Ghibli Spyder SS is being offered for sale. Ready for immediate enjoyment on the road for touring pleasure or for show on the concours lawn. A piece of automobile history, this Ghibli Spyder SS must be acknowledged as an extremely rare “Blue Chip” collector car with excellent investment potential.

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