1986 AC

Cobra MK IV

--British Racing Green with Tan leather interior and Tan carpeting, 4,000 miles from new, Carbureted 302 cu. in. V8 engine with 5-speed-T5 transmission.  One of the last of the carbureted Mk IV's prior to the adaptation of fuel injection.  

As with all AC MK IV's the body is all aluminum built on the original AC Cobra bucks.  This example is exceptional throughout and previously in a collector ownership in Texas.  Just recently, it has been traded towards another automobile from the Autosport Designs inventory.  

During its previous ownership, this AC MK IV received a new carb, high rise intake manifold, headers as well as a custom stainless steel exhaust.  In comparison to big block Cobras, the modified 302 allows for just the right amount of horsepower and drivability to match.  It is a joy to drive both around town and in anger.  

Fairly recently, I enjoyed a 400 miles round trip to visit friends in Pennsylvania.  What a great ride on the open road, but what I found far better was the way it meandered the two hours of stop and go traffic.  Spoken from experience, a 427 never have been as tractable and would have most certainly been on the side of the road overheating!  Oh yes and the interior heat is nowhere near temps a big block will create, the last time I was in this situation with a real 427 Cobra and in 80-100 degree temps, the soles of my shoes melted!  The AC MK IV a wonderful middle ground between the original 289's considered the best of the Cobra road cars and its big brother the 427.

This AC comes complete with convertible top, full tonneau, knock-off hammer and original jack.  This is a proper aluminum AC Cobra with a wonderful provenance and must be considered one of the best of its kind.

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