1967 Iso

Grifo Series I (Interim) 7.0 Liter

Ruby Red with Tan leather interior, 5 miles since restorations, ZF 5 speed transmission and air conditioning.
This 7.0 Liter Grifo #, The Ennezeta is believed to be the last Grifo remaining on the assembly line when the factory closed in 1974. It is well known in Iso Owners Club circles. It was completed sometime thereafter by a well known fabrication firm, Ennezeta, established by several former Iso employees. The car was VIN number (223225). Beyond the unique history, the car incorporates several distinct characteristics from other Grifos, these include a lower profile hood than big-block Grifos and lower valance panels including rear brake cooling ducts. Combined with the vibrant color set off by the brushed aluminum trim, the car has tremendous presence. The car was honored most recently as part of Quail Lodges 50-Anniversary commemoration of Iso automobiles.

The car is well known to Autosport Designs where the car was purchased in 2003 by its present owner. The present owner undertook a number of upgrades completed by Autosport Designs to make it well suited for long distance touring. These included the addition of a stereo and trunk-mounted CD changer with the controller discretely placed in the ashtray and rear speakers placed in leather trimmed enclosures beneath the rear parcel shelf, electronic ignition and a Richmond six speed transmission. The original ZF 5 speed is included with the car.

Price: $265,000