1937 Cord

812 Convertible Phaeton

--Cigarette Cream with Oxblood Red leather interior, Oxblood carpeting, Black convertible top, Restored, 4.7 liter V8 engine, 4 manual Bendix electric vacuum servo preselector transmission.

This Convertible Phaeton was restored in the 1990s by Harry Van Iderstine (a highly respected authority in the Auburn-Cord-Duesenberg community) for William A.C. Pettit III, of Natural Bridge, Virginia.  This car was part of Mr. Pettit's collection in the Museum of Motoring memories.  The restoration was well-researched and detailed, with the car being finished “Cigarette Cream” over Oxblood Red leather. The color itself is the correct Light Cream shade as used by the factory in the 1930s, and not the brighter Yellow that is often represented as Cigarette Cream on other restorations. 
The restoration was very clearly high-level and the car still shows nicely.   The paint shows well with good luster and consistent with the restoration history, but with only the most minor chips on close inspection; the chrome is excellent condition all around and still show quality.  The leather upholstery is properly trimmed on the seats and door panels, and the seats display minimal signs of use. The instruments and controls are in excellent order, including the door handles, window winders, and miniature H-pattern gear selector.  Hardware and fittings, such as the generator, are period-correct and Cord-correct, consistent with this car's well-researched restoration and care since. 

The car has the highly desirable “Richardson” upgraded CV joints and axels as well as an updated shift interlock, consistent with when the car was restored and further evidence that it was done right.  The body-color dash and steering column are finished to original specification. 

During its most recent ownership, the muffler has been replaced, it has received new forward wiring harnesses, my ownership, I have replaced the muffler, new solid state 6V relays for the lights have been installed and the 812's shifter solenoids have been rebuilt. It has been fitted with and electric fuel pump and upon a recent road test, starts, runs and drives extremely well.  
The car has been verified by the ACD Club and factory records indicate it's being a Phaeton, also noted in Josh Malks's reference, The Cord Complete.

This 812 comes with factory manuals, literature, and extensive records.
In its previous collection, the 812 has been used and enjoyed for various local events, touring the North Carolina countryside as well as simple runs to the ice cream parlor. It has garnered attention wherever and whenever it has been seen by the general public and seasoned enthusiasts alike.

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