1977 Lotus

Esprit S1

White with Tan leather interior and Tan carpeting, Restored, RHD, Well-known in the Esprit S1 world of enthusiast owners.
This Esprit S1 is my personal car. I purchased it from well-known UK Lotus Esprit Owners Club enthusiast Paul Godfrey. This particular Esprit has history with both Lotus and their main distributor Bell & Colvill. Colin Chapman himself evaluated this S1 when it was taken over to the factory at Hethel.
This Esprit S1 has been well-documented on various Lotus websites. It was extensively written about up in all UK car magazines at the time and well known by its registration plate of the era 600 LOT. This has been acknowledged as Bell and Colvills first development car. It would be fair to say that all the publicity caused by this car made Lotus sit up and think about its way forward with the development of the later Esprit model series.
This S1 has been acknowledged by Alan Patterson of B & C on his DVD on the Esprit. Paul Godfrey can be seen being interviewed as the then owner of 600 LOT. As per Paul, Scott the sales manager who was an Esprit enthusiast, showed me a scrap book containing some press release photos of my car in turbo form, there were snippets from magazines and papers from all over the world, I was amazed! The show room was removed of the new Lotus cars and we then reversed my car in and put my original 600LOT plates on for the photo shoot. Alan wanted to give the effect that we were in 1977.
The S1 is currently fitted with a 2.2 liter normally aspirated engine (the original engine is complete and comes with the car), it has plenty of power and runs with the best of them.
Since I have owned this S1, I have done an enormous amount of work to prepare this Esprit for not only show, but also for reliable street/touring. It has done well at both and I can safely say is completely dialed in. It even has Ipod capability!
This good looking Lotus model gained fame in the 1977 James Bond film The Spy Who Loved Me. For those of you who are not familiar, I highly recommend viewing the following movie chase scene and underwater exploits of the movie car at&
Amongst Lotus Esprit aficionados and collectors alike, the Espit S1 is the car to have. This particular Esprit S1 is a rare find, it is in exceptional and well serviced condition throughout.

Price: $59,500