1973 Ferrari

246 GTS

Fly Yellow with Black seats and Black carpets, 34,000 miles 56,000 kilometers from new, Documented by Massini.

This European 246 GTS is numbers matching and in its original color combination as originally delivered by the factory. Originally delivered in Italy, this Dino enjoyed its Italian lifestyle until 1982 when it was purchased by a Mr. Morabito and exported to Northern California showing 18,530 kms.

In 1983 it was sold once again to another California resident a Mr. Patitz. It was serviced by Mike Sheehans European Auto Restoration in Costa Mesa and in 1985 offered for sale through European Auto Sales, Inc, now showing 26,755 kms. At this time it was re-purchased by its previous owner Mr. Morabito, who we assume must have missed the joy of its ownership.

Mr. Morabito kept the Dino until 1989 when it was sold to another California resident, Mr. Biaggini, at this time the odometer was showing 28,716 kms. Mr. Biaggini kept the car for quite some tme, the exact time frame is not known although it was sold at some point to a Mr. J. Biggs, yet another California resident. Mr. Biggs it is assumed enjoyed the car for a period of time prior to offering it for sale in 2008. In early 2009, this Dino was re-purchased by the family of its previous owner, Mr. Biaginni. The Biagninni family has enjoyed its ownership until its recent purchase by Autosport Designs, Inc.

Owned and cared for by true enthusiasts and in several cases on numerous occasions, this 246 GTS has been extremely well cared for and maintained, when and where needed to keep it in exceptional condition. It has been sympathetically serviced-restored where needed, but remains in well-cared exceptionally straight condition as only and original car can. Due to its long time California ownership, this Dino is in superb condition as only California weathered cars can be.

This is a rare opportunity to purchase a Dino that has been loved and cared for from new.

Price: $345,000