1965 Aston Martin

DB Short ChaSSis Volante

Winchester Blue with Blue leather interior, Grey carpets edged Dark Blue and Blue Mohair convertible top, 2,000 miles since complete concour restoration, 5-speed ZF transmission, LHD.

The Short-Chassis Volante is an interesting car for many reasons. It was the first Aston Martin to be called Volante; the drop-head DB4's and 5's should never be called a Volante. The car was based on the last of the DB5 chassis but was introduced at the same time as the DB6 and so looks somewhat similar. During the single year of production, only 37 were built until the DB6 Volante was introduced.

The bodywork is similar to the DB5 convertible but shares many DB6 features such as the interior trim, split front and rear bumpers and an enlarged oil cooler opening. While at the rear the boot lid is unswept as on the DB6 Volante, rather it had DB5 convertible like rear wings mounted later DB6 rear light assemblies. Knowing these details make this car easier to identify.

This Short Chassis Volante was found after having spent the last 30 years in Capetown South Africa, it was unused since 1970! The body and the structure of the car were in exceptional condition, all apertures around the doors, the bonnet and the boot were very good and the car offered a great starting point to make an exceptional restored example.

This is a no expense spared restoration and better than new.

The engine was rebuilt to 4.2 liter, the cylinder head rebuilt to modern lead free standards, the gearbox and all remaining mechanicals were renewed, it was converted from original RHD specifications to LHD specifications, no stone was left unturned!

Included with this Short Chassis are all receipts with regard to the restoration, original owners handbook, factory tools and jack.

This Short Chassis Volante is ready for either concour or touring pleasure, it is perfect throughout and 1 of only 37 Short Chassis Volantes originally manufactured.

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