1940 Alvis

12/70 Special

Green with Black seats, 2.8 liter I6, 4-speed manual gearbox, #15884.

This 12/70 Special left the factory on May 15, 1940 as a Saloon. Approximately 15 years ago, this Alvis was restored and converted to its current special 2-seater sports body. The chassis was left unmodified and not shortened, the rear axle was converted to be able enjoy sustained cruising speeds when traveling from country to country and of course the German Autobahn where it has been a regular for the past years. The steering is original 12/70 and the brakes have been converted to hydraulic. The Engine is a Speed 20 2.7 liter that has been bored to 2.8 liter during its restoration.

This 12/70 has complete history through the Alvis registrar and comes with documentation from the previous owner stating his purchase of this 12/70 over twenty years ago, subsequent restoration/conversion as well as a letter from the previous owner confirming his use and many years of Happy Motoring.

This 12/70 Special had most recently and prior to our purchase had been collector owned in Germany and used for several prewar races in Germany, hill climbs and various vintage tours in the past few years. It accumulated approximately 6,000 kms since it was restored and prior to being purchased by Tom Papadopoulos-Autosport Designs. I decided to use it in the UK and for runs to several friend throughout the country for approximately 800 km's prior to shipping to the USA. It was a glorious ride, especially with the previous owners fabricated luggage rack to help our journey, on the motorway, b-roads and in london traffic she was happy with her auxiliary fan.

Once imported to the USA, she has been kept in our personal collection for vintage rallying. Enjoyed on the 2015 Colorado Grand rally, it treated us extremely well during the rain soaked event and until the end were she just said she was tired! It may have been the hour long run at 90-100 mph sustained speed to stay ahead of Mark Hymans Bentley 8.0 liter! It was a great run and time had by all.

Subsequently, the Alvis returned home to New York, its engine removed and the comprehensive rebuild started. A new block was acquired from Red Triangle Alvis specialists in the UK, it was line bored, honed and rebuilt with all new parts as needed. The cylinder head was serviced and a valve service performed. After this $40,000 engine rebuild, she has only run in time and miles on her being enjoyed to and from home to the dealership on several occasions. At this time, everything and anything needed was serviced to ensure she is ready at a moments notice to be involved in yet another vintage rally experience.

In relation to the cost of many other comparable prewar automobiles on the market, this Alvis is a wonderful and cost effective way to enjoy prewar motoring as it was intended. The power to weight ratio is simply awesome, its 6-cylinder enjoys pulling effortlessly throughout the rev range and gear ratios. It is a superb looking car sort of Aston Ulsterish, but with Bentley sound and power. Oh yes, I must not forget the brakes, big brakes and wonderful stopping power. It is a welcomed entrant for various vintage road tours throughout the world. Vintage touring at its best!

Price: $155,000