1967 Fiat

Abarth 1000 OTR

Red with Blue interior and Blue carpeting, Restored, 100 bhp, 982 cc water-cooled four-cylinder engine, four-speed manual synchro transmission.

Fiat most often supplied the body shells or partly completed cars, which Abarth then modified. The Fiat/Abarth arrangement benefited both concerns with the many class victories that his cars captured in competition. The 1000 OTR, which was derived from Fiats new 850 Coupe and was equipped with a special radiale engine, was introduced in late 1965. The SCCA thought that the radiale head was a little too clever and that the OTR was too modified and powerful for its class, so it exercised its right to exclude the OTR from SCCA competition cars, deeming it not considered suitable. This is one of the explanations for OTRs low production figures as road cars.

This Abarth OTR 1000 Coupe has complete ownership history. It was original sold through Henry Mearig Inc, the Lancaster PA dealer for Alfa and Fiat. Purchased by John Mitchell and employee of Henry Mearig, Inc., John started racing his Abarth soon after its purchase. The Pennsylvania Hillclimb Association has records of John Mitchell competing in his FIAT Abarth from 1967 to 1970. Subsequently it was in an accident one evening on his way home, the Abarth was set aside for many years.

In 1977 the Abarth was purchased by Brian Hershock of Holtwood PA. Soon thereafter and still in need of restoration, the Abarth found its way Henry Mearig in 1980. Mr. Mearig still owned the local Fiat dealership.

Charles (Chuck) A Callis and Janice M Callis of Manheim, PA purchased the car from Henry Mearig around 1990. Chuck was General Manager of Henry Mearig Inc. Chuck started restoring the car before it was sold in November 1992 to Jim Saunders of Sydney, Australia.

Once on Australian shores, it once again sat for many years until it purchased by Graeme Towers in April 2005. At this time, the Abarth was stripped to bare metal for a complete and thorough restoration. Having spent well over $100k on its restoration, the outcome can only be viewed as superb. The Abarth ran for the first time in 38 years on 16 September 2006 and was registered on 7 October 2006. It has been used sparingly since and remains in absolutely superb condition throughout.

Price: $98,000