1961 Aston Martin

DB4 series Iv Coupe (1 Of 5 Fitted With DB4 GT Engine From The Factory)

Dubonett Rosso with Blue leather interior and Grey carpeting, Mechanically restored, Matching #s, 4-speed David Brown gearbox with overdrive, GT gauge package and chrome wheels.

This DB4 is 1 of 5 Series IV DB4s to receive the GT specification engine featuring higher compression, twin-plug, dual-ignition cylinder head and triple Weber 45DCOE carburetors. Power output was claimed at 302 bhp at 6000 rpm. Testing proved 0-60 time of 6.1 seconds with a maximum speed of 153mph. **A total of 14 DB4s were manufactured with the GT engine within Series 3, 4 & 5 cars. Series 1 & 2 were never offered with this option.

The Vantage GT was considered the gentlemans continental sports car. Unlike the DB4GT, a two seater with an enormous fuel tank, the Vantage GT supplied its owner with increased performance along with standard rear seating and boot storage.

DB4/892/L with Engine #370/0211/GT has been well-known in and around the AMOC circles since from almost new. It was originally delivered to Mr. E. Mautner of Lindenhurst, NY through New York main agent J.S. Inskip, December 9, 1962. Somewhere between its original delivery and my having met this DB4 as a kid at AMOC Lime Rock events of the 1970s when owned by Mr. J. Freeman. At the time it was in its current color, Dubonett Rosso.

History as per Mr. Freeman&

Bob Akin owned the car around 1965. At that time it was two-toned with a blue body and a grey top. He sold it to a Philadelphia dentist. The dentist drove it into Center City and parked it where it caught on fire and the Philly FD axed the hood to put out the fire. (I replaced the hood in the late ‘70s with the high hood scoop because I liked the look.)

The car in the early 1970s ended up with Whit Ball engine burned and paint crisped on the front of the car. He put it in a small barn that was partially open. I bought it from Whit, who was a close friend, around 1976/7. I drove my Ford tractor (nicknamed Lolita) to his house, pulled it out of the barn and towed it home to my farm. It came with a bonus a birds nest in the V between the cam covers. It sat in my barn for a year and then was transported to AMNA in King of Prussia and started its recovery under the oversight of Robert Clerk.

The mechanics were done by 1978 and I drove it in pretty ugly shape until I moved to North Hills on Shelter Rock Road in 1980. I was in Great Neck at a very nice used sports car shop when the head salesman told me it was a shame that I did not treat the car to a decent paint job.I hated the burst two-toned paint scheme, I painted it a RR color that reminded me of my father and my favorite wine - Romanee Conti. He painted the car and did some other cosmetics for $3,000. In 1982. I believe, the car won the Ziebart Trophy, a booby prize for the owner of an Aston who stops beating his favorite car.

It was successfully raced in VSCCA a great deal more than is in the AMOC Registry. I believe I sold the car in 1991 for a lot of money, but less than I bet you are asking. I bought some important antiques and a Cunningham Lister Jag driven by Sir Stirling.

I put about 15,000 of the 28,000 miles that it had on it when I sold it. That is my part of the history.



Note: Mr. Whitman Ball had several Astons in his collection, DB 2/4 Touring Spyder, this DB4 with GT engine, a Dubonett Rosso DB5C that I used to lust after and a two tone DBS Vantage.

In 1991, this DB4 went from Mr. J. Freeman through an Aston Martin broker to Mr. A. Zules, Westchester, NY. It was then a Victor engine, the engine rebuild and various other mechanicals having been completed by Victor Trochymenko at Aston Martin Vintage Racing Services. It is doubtful more than 5,000 miles have been accumulated since. Although the paint is showing its age having been painted in lacquer many years ago, this DB4 has never needed a total restoration. Inspection shows this DB4 to be one of the most solid and honorable, original DB4s we have seen throughout the years, its 34,000 miles appear to be original. Upon my recent road test, it is absolutely superb, well sorted and maintained.

The DB4 remained in Mr. Zules ownership until 2006 when sold to its most recent and past owner, another Westchester, NY resident, the owner of the service facility who cared for the DB4 at the time for Mr. Zules.

I had worked on this car for the previous owner, Mr. Zules from whom I purchased the car. At the time I owned DB4GT/0156/R. We often drove and compared the two cars. I always enjoyed driving 892L more than my own car and expressed my desire to own the car should he ever want to sell the car. The power assisted brakes, longer wheel base and overdrive made the car much more drivable than the standard GT. In 2006, I purchased the car from him. He knew he could count on me to take care of the car properly. Aside from the regular maintenance and occasional tune-ups, I performed a major brake overhaul including the rebuild of the brake power assist, calipers and new brake hoses. In addition, I overhauled the carburetors and fuel tank. The chrome wire wheels and tires were replaced as well. Electronic ignition was installed for better running and starting. More recently I replaced exhaust system, clutch, flywheel, replaced the radiator with an alloy version for better cooling, replaced belt and hoses, installed a rebuilt generator and starter, replaced the battery and battery switch. The front seats were rebuilt and the trunk refinished. Between the two of us and during the last twenty years I doubt that 2000 miles were driven on the car.

This is an excellent opportunity to purchase a very, very rare Aston DB4 with GT engine with superb and well documented provenance.

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