2004 Ford

GT "CP-1 Prototype"

--Black with Ebony leather interior, Black carpeting, 5.4 Liter Supercharged V8 engine, 6-Speed manual gearbox, CP-1 (Confirmation Prototype) was the first fully functional prototype for the development phase of the new GT, Documented build history, Signed by the entirety of the Ford GT project team including Carroll Shelby, Purchased directly from Ford by Ford GT specialist and personality Joseph "GT Joey" Limongelli, Incredible piece of Ford history, In original Prototype condition, 1,200 Miles.

This Prototype GT is an important piece of Ford history. In homage to the GT program that beat Ferrari at Le Mans in the 1960s, Ford's new flagship GT program was for their Centennial 100th year celebration. Three concept and exhibition GTs were built in Red, White and Blue, however none of those cars were fitted with drivetrains. CP-1 (Chassis number 4) was the first running prototype and testing example of the new GT.

CP-1 has an incredible amount of documented history. It remains fitted with test connections and monitoring equipment used in road and emissions certification testing. CP-1 was also evaluated on the road and dyno and includes an engine hour meter. After prototype testing completion, GT production started for the 2005 model year. CP-1 was signed by all members of the GT development and design team including Carroll Shelby and Bill Ford.

CP-1 has remained in complete original prototype condition. It features an array of non-standard components and design features that are exclusive to this prototype which never made it to final production. The airbags are Mustang components, the steering column from a Ford Windstar, Silver trim rings on the seats, Aluminum headliner, the passenger quarter panel features two quick release valves connected to the fuel tank to change fuel grades and experimental exhaust pipes connected by a "sniffer pipe" to aid in accurate emissions testing. The rear clamshell is full carbon fiber. When Ford executives discussed that each clamshell would cost in excess of $45,000 in production form, they quickly scrapped the carbon for an Aluminum clam. The 5.4 Liter V8 engine shows a Black supercharger and valve covers, which were changed to a Silver supercharger and traditional Ford Blue valve covers for the production model.

In 2008, CP-1 was purchased from Ford by respected GT specialist and collector, Joseph “GT Joey” Limongelli. GT Joey authored the definitive book, “Ford GT, The Complete Owners Experience” about the modern Ford GT and its full development. The CP1 and the thorough testing it received is fully documented in this book. It has since been owned by one other collector and remains in original Prototype condition. This CP-1 is a definitive piece of Ford's history and would make an excellent addition to a collector's garage, it is a one of one!


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