1978 Aston Martin

V8 Vantage Coupe (Rare Molded Flip Tail 1 Of 26 Lhd)

Storm Red with Natural leather interior piped Red and Natural Wilton Wool carpeting, 5-speed manual transmission, full specification Vantage engine.

In February 1977, Aston Martin unveiled their fastest road car ever, the V8 Vantage. The 170 mph projectile shot to fame as the fastest production road car in the world and is now universally accepted as Aston Martin's and indeed Britain's first ever 'Supercar'.

The V8 Vantage was quite a different beast from the standard V8 Saloon (Coupe). Beside its hidden chassis mods and engine tweaks, the V8 Vantage featured twin Cibie H4 driving lights within the blanked off grille (cooling air for the radiator being drawn in from beneath the bumper), a deep front air dam and a boot lid spoiler at the rear. All of these aerodynamic additions were essential for a car with 170 mph potential. The V8 Vantage features a large, sealed bonnet bulge to cover the down draught 48 IDF Weber carburetors. Other mechanical changes from the standard engine included larger valves, revised camshafts and a higher compression ratio, all helping to produce 380 bhp.

The first group of 16 cars have two distinctive and unique features, the bonnet bulge opening is sealed with a bolt on cover and the rear spoiler was added to the car after the body was built, these first 16 are known as Bolted-On Flip Tail V8 Vantage.

The second group comprising 42 V540 Vantage production cars (23 European, 11 USA spec, 8 Canadian spec), the spoiler was made integral to the body and the opening in the bonnet bulge was welded shut during manufacture. These slightly later cars are known as Molded Flip Tail. Of these 42 Molded Flip Tail V8 Vantages, 16 were produced in RHD form for the UK market, thus leaving only 26 LHD Molded Flip Tail having been produced. Truly limited production and exclusive to only few lucky owners when new.

For a thorough education on the Aston Martin V8 Vantage and its variants, I recommend Tim Cottinghams website www.astonmartins.com

This particular V8 Vantage is one of only eleven V8 Vantage cosmetic examples imported to the USA. It has been well known in Aston Martin circles, one of its three-owners from new having been Peter G. Livanos who only a few years later helped save Aston Martin by becoming its majority share holder. These V8 Vantages were delivered with standard specification V8 U.S. federal engines. As was the case with many of these USA spec. V8 Vantages in the day, the engine was then converted back to proper European high horsepower specifications. In this case, this Vantage was entrusted to Aston Engineering in the UK for modification full European specifications and thus how it was intended by the factory when new, the fastest car in the world in the day and once again, Britains first supercar! The engine has accumulated only 11,000 miles since rebuild. The interior was also retrimmed at this time.

In its original color combination (factory build sheet included), this V8 Vantage has enjoyed proper enthusiast-collector Aston ownership from new. It has been maintained regardless of cost and remains in excellent condition throughout. More recently, this V8 Vantage has been the subject of a complete engine out detailing, full mechanical servicing, new clutch and has had its chassis serviced (completely new suspension and braking systems) and rebuilt to as new throughout by a well-known Aston Martin specialist here in the USA.

This is a rare opportunity to acquire one of the most rare Astons of all time, recently serviced and ready for immediate use. It is also what will most certainly be an excellent investment for the future due to the limited manufacture and rarity of these Flip Tail V8 Vantages.

Aston Video walk-around and road test: https://youtu.be/prA5FSATv68

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