2016 Lotus

Exige V6 Cup

Solid Red with a Black interior, 6-speed manual, New/Delivery miles, 1 of only 9 built for world-wide production with Lotus Motorsport upgraded power package producing 355 HP (rather than the standard production 345 HP).

Factory specifications include: Air-conditioning, Passenger seat with harness, 2-way adjustable race dampers, fire suppression system, electrical cut-off, FIA spec roll-cage and Cast alloy wheels with 205/45 R17 (front) and 265/35 R18 (rear) Pirelli tires.

This Exige V6 Cup Car is a special Factory Tuned Race Car through and through. The Exige V6 Cup is an optimized lightweight sportscar, track-focused to promote the drivers intimacy with the car.

With its state of the art construction, extruded aluminum lightweight chassis-tub, superb torsional rigidity, the renowned Lotus ride and handling team at Lotus Hethel test track have created capabilities that are absolutely jaw-dropping. Its mid-engine provides balance, its Lotus-developed Dynamic Performance Management control and differential keep it taut and poised. Motorsport have also developed an aero package optimized for zero-lift with maximum down force.

Powered by a Fuel-injected and Supercharged 3.5-litre V6 engine developing 355 HP and 304 lbs/ ft of torque, the power is transferred to the drivetrain through a 6-speed, close-ratio, manual gearbox, featuring constant mesh helical gears comes as standard, allied to an open differential. 0-60 time comes in 3.8 second and the Exige V6 Cup is capable of 170 plus mph top speed.

The Exige V6 Cup is head turning in presence and complete with performance and handling that has become synonymous Lotus Motorsport and their winning pedigree of racing cars.

Price: $106,500