1934 Lincoln

Kb sedan

Blue with Tan leather interior, Tan Carpeting and Black convertible top, Coachwork by Dietrich, Superb restoration, 455 CID L-Head V-12 Engine with single downdraft dual-choke carburetor offering 150 BHP, 3-Speed Manual Gearbox, 4-Wheel vacuum-assisted drum brakes, Excellent provenance, 1 of only 25 originally built.

This superb Lincoln KB features what many Classic Era enthusiasts consider one of the most attractive and versatile coachbuilt bodies ever offered on the Lincoln KB chassis having been bodies by Dietrich as a handsome Convertible Sedan. Lincoln produced 744 Series 270 KB chassis for the 1934 model year, this KB is even more rare as one of only 25 Dietrich bodied 281 Convertible Sedans produced that year. Befitting its range-topping stature, it carried a commanding price of $5,600 when new, at a time when a nice new popular-priced family car cost hardly more than $600. Today, only a few are known to survive with knowledgeable estimates suggesting as few as three or four examples remaining.

Lincoln subtly refined its styling for 1934 with a switch to body-colored radiator shells, while the hoods new cooling shutters replaced the prior louvered treatment. Smaller headlamps provided further refinement. The fashionably raked and split windscreen, suicide-style rear-hinged front doors and folding B-pillars of this Convertible Sedan are emblematic features of Dietrichs inspired designs. This Lincoln remains immensely practical, simultaneously offering top-down touring capabilities and secure protection from the elements. In addition, the convertible sedan can be transformed into a formal chauffeur-driven car, courtesy of the roll-up division window neatly recessed into the front seatback. The Dietrich Convertible Sedan body on the KB chassis remains famous for uncanny rigidity and structural strength with an impressive vault-like solidity.

This rare KBs history traces back to the mid-1950s when legendary Lincoln expert Jack Passey purchased it from Norman Griswold in Californias Central Valley. It has been in California since having been sold by Mr. Passey to friend Bill Smith who kept it for a great number of years until selling it to Kenneth Daniel in Northern California. Mr. Daniels commissioned a comprehensive restoration utilizing the talents of many of the Bay Areas finest automotive artisans. Palo Altos Ellsworth Machine performed the engine work, Avenue Auto Body in San Carlos handled paint and cosmetics and the interior was trimmed by the highly regarded Cooks Upholstery.

Since restoration, this KB has been in housed in an important West Coast collection. Autosport Designs, Inc. is honored to be able to offer this rare, beautiful and versatile CCCA Full Classic which represents an excellent entry to the world of prewar motoring. All-weather versatility that provides the best of both open and closed styles for touring pleasure and a wonderful example that one could enter to The Colorado Grand as well as other well-known classic touring events.

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