1983 Renault

R5 Turbo Ii

Electric Blue with Red leather interior and carpets, 67,000 Kilometers/42,000 Miles from new, 5-speed manual, Restored, One of the Absolute Best Available anywhere.

This R5 Turbo II (one of my personal cars) was purchased recently to fulfill my personal need to relive the 1980s and when I owned and drove one of these pocket rockets as a daily driver. It is without a doubt one of the coolest and most fun and enjoyable automobiles one can own. Previously to my ownership, it was collector owned and part of a superb collection of automobiles in California for many years.

Since my purchase, I have replaced the clutch which although new and recently replaced prior to my purchase was slipping due to a leaking flywheel seal replaced during its past mechanical servicing. Today, this R5 Turbo is superb mechanically and ready for immediate use and enjoyment. It is running standard boost and fitted with a Devil sport exhaust for extra power and a glorious sound. Cosmetically, the entire car was restored both inside and out prior to my ownership, it has been restored to concours standards and far better than when these cars were built new. It is truly one of the best I have ever seen and I have owned many. It is offered with both its period Gotti 15 wheels as well as its standard metric sized factory wheels, restored and color coded to the car.

History&&&&&&&Renault was a pioneer in the development of turbocharged engines in its Formula One racing cars, their 1.5-liter turbo engines reaching 1,200 hp. Renault wanted to put its turbo expertise to work in rally competition, the tiny R5 became the designated platform.

Putting a bunch of turbo horses to the ground through the front wheels didn't seem like a good recipe for a fast rally car, so Renault engineers removed the back seat and thus became the mid-engined R5 Turbo driving the rear wheels through a five-speed transaxle. Unfortunately, the manufacturer didn't officially import the little hot rod to America, so they are not easily found here in the USA, never mind in this R5s condition.

The R5's 1,397cc pushrod engine featured an aluminum head with hemi combustion chambers. The engine was good for 160 hp in standard trim, optional 185-hp & 200-hp upgrade kits were available.

For high-speed assaults on twisty roads, the car may be without equal given its 40/60 weight distribution, race-spec suspension, rack-and-pinion steering and four-wheel disc brakes.

The engine delivers little power at the low end, but output grows shockingly as the turbo boost needle swings clockwise with neck-snapping surge of acceleration, the R5 Turbo is like riding a lit bottle rocket. The turbo's plumbing is short and direct and reflects Renault's experience in F1, the engine compartment is clean and easy to navigate.

This R5 Turbo is superb in absolutely every respect and one to judge others by. Please see the Hagerty price guide of R5 Turbo in my photos. I understand my asking price exceeds their #1 rating, but I paid more than this, I am reasonable with regard to asking price and more so seeking a fair sale price and a good home for what is the best R5 Turbo I have ever owned.

Video of this R5 Turbo at play can be seen on the Autosport Designs YouTube channel at:https://youtu.be/mxOlwcWC240

Price: $139,500