1964 Morgan

Plus Four Plus

Duck Egg Blue with Black seats and Black carpets, 35,000 miles, Original left hand drive, 2.1 liter Inline 4-cylinder engine, 4-speed manual, 1 of only 26 total manufacture, Complete history from new!

The Morgan Plus Four Plus was introduced at the 1964 London International Auto Show, it was greeted by a chilly silence from the Morgan faithful. Yet, it would prove to be the key to the company's survival and today is a much sought after due to the limited manufacture. It was so different in appearance from the classically-styled Plus Four roadster that it disappointed Morgan Mog loyalists who believed the roadster to be one of last remaining, true to form British sports cars.

Company president Peter Morgan was determined bring the company into the modern era. Unlike the production Plus Four roadster whose open body was fitted with steel panels, the Plus Four Plus was fitted with a fiberglass two-seat coupe body with an unusual "bubble" top, fabricated by the firm of E.B. (Staffs) Ltd. It is said the roof and shape was designed to accommodate Mr. Morgan who stood six foot four and insisted that he was able to enter, exit, and drive the car comfortably. The interior was fitted with bucket seats, a full complement of instruments, a wood-rimmed steering wheel and space for luggage.

The Morgan faithful were having none of it. Orders began to dry up and the factory was forced to abandon its plans for an initial production run of 50. This however proved to be a blessing. Fearful the new model Plus Four Plus signaled the end of what they had worshipped for decades, prospective Morgan buyers proceeded to issue deposits and thus became a waiting list for a new Plus Four roadster. This provided the firm with desperately-needed cash, ensuring its survival. Only 26 coupes were completed and sold over a three-year period.

This particular Plus Four Plus has led a charmed life to date. The 20th Plus Four Plus to be manufactured, it was sold new to an American Foreign Service employee, Mr. Gregory Nowakoski Jr., Saranac Lake, New York. Mr. Nowakowski Jr. decided to collect his Morgan personally at the factory in the UK. He used the car for a bit of touring on English country roads prior to shipping it back to the United States. It was dispatched from the factory on September 12, 1964 in its original Red exterior color.

Mr. Nowakoski Jr. kept the Plus Four Plus until 1976 when it was purchased by John Erickson of Yorktown Heights, New York. Mr. Erickson sold the Morgan only two years later to Mr. Jerry Williams of San Francisco, California. In 1983, George Fink was able to acquire it for his collection and it joined other unique examples of British machinery. Arriving back in Minnesota, it would remain with Mr. Fink and in his collection for another 32 years and until finding its last and most recent custodian. It was in Mr. Finks ownership that it was repainted in its current Duck Egg Blue, a period correct Morgan color and offered on this model.

In 2015, this Plus Four Plus was purchased by a good client of ours. It was transported directly to Autosport Designs for servicing. A huge expenditure was spent to ensure this Morgan was serviced when and where needed to make ready for vintage road tours. It received a Major service, New cooling hoses, Radiator repair, New Clutch, Oil pan and Cam cover gaskets, Complete brake system overhaul, Axle seals, New stainless steel exhaust system, Rechroming of the grille/trim/bumpers/outer door handles/wipers/window frames, Door latches were refinished/anodized, New wheels, tires and knockoffs, New interior carpeting, All wiring had been gone through, Gauges and switches were restored/repaired as needed and last but not least, New seats belts were supplied and installed.

Most recently this Plus Four Plus was enjoyed on the 2017 Copperstate Road Rally where it performed and finished without fault. With only 26 Plus Four Plus Morgans manufactured in total, this is a rare opportunity to acquire an investment grade automobile that is sure to appreciate and be appreciated.

Video walk-around and road test: https://youtu.be/BJUfGl9ssqs

Price: $179,500