1900 Aston Martin

V8 6.3 LiTRe Big Bore X-Pack Vantage Engine

Completely rebuilt break in and dynamometer time only.

Starting with a standard V540 AM V8 block and cylinder heads, this engine was strip to a bare block, cleaned, measured, prepped and prepared for Big Bore 6.3 Litre conversion-upgrade from standard 5.3 litre specifications.

New 6.3 litre crankshaft, 6.3 litre connecting rods and 6.3 litre pistons were installed. Cylinder liners have been honed to accommodate the larger pistons, new piston rings, new main and rod bearings. The engine has received all new seals throughout. The cylinders heads have been serviced to include x-pack specification large valves, x-pack camshafts. The intake system has received port-matched V8 Vantage intake runners-manifolds and new Weber 48IDA carbs with short tack air trumpets.

Freshly rebuilt, setup and run in on dynamometer, this engine is ready for immediate gratification and installation to your V8 Aston.

As seen by the dyno data print out, this engine has 480HP @ 5500 RPM and 512 ft. lbs of torque @4600 RPM.

Price: $75,000