2005 Maserati

Gransport TRofeo Light

White chassis, currently wrapped Blue, Blue seats, Black dashboard, 6-speed sequential shift transmission.

In 2003, Maserati decided to revive their long history of motorsport and introduced racing versions of the Coupe starting in 2003. The introduction of the new Coupe racecars spawned the new racing series Trofeo Maserati, a single-marque motorsport championship, similar to the Ferrari Challenge. Maserati showcased the Trofeo racecar and then debuted a more hardcore version called the Trofeo Light. The Trofeo Light was also developed for further international racing series beyond the Trofeo Maserati including the Italian GT Championship, Rolex Sports Car Series and FIA GT3 European Championship.

The Trofeo Light was produced by Maseratis racing department and in collaboration with Italtecnica. It was significantly lighter than the regular Trofeo due to almost all of its body panels being replaced with composite materials and featured significant aerodynamic modifications. Updates to the Trofeo Light included a more aerodynamic front bumper with a new adjustable splitter, the engine hood received vents for improved cooling, larger side skirts with integrated exhaust pipes, much lighter rims, massive carbon fiber rear wing, upgraded brakes, AP racing Airjack system, modified ECU and a modified intake system. The 4.2 liter V8 was upgraded to 430hp and 339 lb-ft of torque. The transmission is a six-speed sequential by X-Trac. The suspension system was also completely revised with a new structure and tubular steel arm.

Only 10 Trofeo Light racecars were built and purchased for privateers around the world. Overall, the Trofeo Light was entered in 185 races and scored 14 class wins. This Trofeo Light Chassis #05 was used in to compete in the Grand-Am Rolex Sportscar Series. This car was raced on three occasions at the close of the 2005 season, after which it underwent a complete rebuild and restoration. This Trofeo Light has never sustained any crash damage!

This Maserati Trofeo Light was purchased from Algar Ferrari/Maserati in 2008 and after having been raced by Scuderia Ferrari Of Washington in the Virginia 400 (Virginia International Raceway), Barber 250 (Barber Motorsports Park) and at the Sahlen's 200 race at Watkins Glen International part of the Rolex Sports Car Series with Jeff Segal as part of the driver line up.

After the end of its Grand Am racing career, it was completely rebuilt and with fresh engine and sold to an Illinois based collector. The Trofeo Light was entrusted to Fall-Line Motorsports in Chicago for maintenance and track support. During its previous ownership it has raced the Trofeo Light in SCCA National Competition and various club events. The car has had success in T-1 and STO Classes having been on the podium at the SCCA National June Sprints at Road America. Between 2010-2014 the Trofeo Light was at Elkhart sprints and at The Brian Redman CAT event, approximately four events per year.

Some of the extensive work and maintenance performed by Fall-Line Motorsports includes the following: The X-Trac has been rebuilt, Dog Rings checked and replaced, FIA fuel cell bladder recently replaced, new custom OMP Hans compliant seats embroidered, newer full white re-paint and custom blue metallic vinyl wrap (Ferrari of Washington Livery) and Cam locked composite body. It is currently set up for Tevis ABS (to be installed). Currently it is also equipped with in car front/rear brake bias, internal air jacks, AIM Data System, FAST Cool suit system, recent Smarty Cams, OMP electronic fire safety system and a driver hydration system.

On offer is an exceptionally well-maintained Maserati factory race car, one of ten in the world, part of the Maserati firms history and which has never sustained any major accident damage.

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