1995 Land Rover

Defender 90

AA Yellow with Grey interior, Black floors with Black removable soft top, 5-Speed Manual transmission, 3.9L V-8 engine, Atlantic British Ltd. show car, 53,000 miles.

Land Rovers are generally known as the first car that reached most of the developing parts of the world. It's a merited reputation where these go-anywhere vehicles have rarely met an obstacle they could not overcome. The Defender 90 follows the grand tradition of these tough-as-nails Land Rovers. The aluminum-bodied Defender was introduced in 1994. During its run of three model years (‘94, ‘95, ‘97), fewer than 7,000 were brought into North America (NAS Spec). 1995 was the final year of the manual gearbox Land Rovers in North America.Only about 280 of the 1,190 Soft Top D90's imported in 1995 were of AA Yellow.

This three-owner Defender 90 has been well-cared for as evidenced by its current condition and quality. It was the show and accessories car for Atlantic British Ltd., North America's oldest and largest independent supplier of premium Land Rover parts and accessories. Throughout the years, it has been treated to many options including a front snorkel, RBP exhaust tip, front grille guard with Hella Rallye lights, and a modern stereo. The quality and condition of both the interior and exterior will be appreciated by anyone who knows and lusts for the ownership of a D90!This Defender 90 is excellent and ready for immediate use.

Price: $75,000