AUTOSPORT DESIGNS, INC. is a Registered Importer of long standing with an excellent reputation with the EPA & DOT. AUTOSPORT DESIGNS, INC. petitioned the DOT to allow both the V600 LeMans and DB7 Vantage Zagato Coupes to be imported to the USA under "Show & Display" status. After much consideration their importation was given the go-ahead.

"Show & Display" designation means the car is exempt from safety modifications normally required by DOT for an imported vehicle. This exemption allows the owner to keep the vehicle in the United States with the requirement that the vehicle be used less than 2,500 miles per year and is displayed for show at least once per year.

This process although being involved does allow the lucky few to own some of the rarest automobiles in existence.

If you are interested in obtaining either of these Astons or any other significant sportscar that is not or has not been available in the USA please contact us directly.