1997 Land Rover

D90 Wagon

--Two Tone Black over Grey Metallic with Grey interior, Approximately 65,000 miles from new, Automatic transmission, Factory air conditioning.

The last year of the Land Rover Defender 90 NAS in the U.S. is arguably the best vintage of this vehicle. The aluminum-bodied Defender was introduced in 1994 and after a hiatus for 1996, it was brought back in 1997 for a final run. During its run of three model years, fewer than 7,000 were brought into North America. All 1997 models had the upgraded and cleaner-burning 4.0L V-8, which yielded 182 horsepower and 233 lb-ft of torque, almost identical to the power output of the 3.9L it replaced. Also new to the Defender for 1997 was the electronically operated ZF four-speed automatic transmission; no manual was offered in its final model year.

This Defender 90 has been well-cared for as evidenced by its current condition/quality. It has been well-known to Autosport Designs and in the care of one of our clients for several years. It has been serviced when and where needed to keep in its current superb condition throughout. It has always been used in The Hamptons season weather conditions, never in inclement weather conditions.

The quality and condition of both the interior and exterior will be appreciated by anyone who knows and lusts for the ownership of a D90!

This Defender 90 is complete and ready for immediate use.

Price: $117,500