1965 Aston Martin

DB5 Coupe

Snow Shadow Grey with Blue leather interior and Blue carpet, Restored, LHD, 5-speed ZF manual transmission.
Originally delivered in the UK, this DB5 was used sparingly by its first owner, only 31,000 miles before being sold to its second owner. Its second owner enjoyed the use of this DB5 until the mid-1980s and 60,000 miles. Both owners had the DB5 routinely serviced Aston Martin franchise dealers. Subsequently, this DB5 was purchased by its third owner, an expat living and working in London. This gentleman returned to the USA in 1986 and thus started this DB5s residence in the USA/Colonies, at this time the DB5 was showing 65,000 miles on its odometer.

In the early 1990s this DB5 Coupe was given to Aston Martin Vintage Racing a subsidiary of Aston Martin Lagonda North America and only next door. It was there where it was treated to its restoration. Used seldomly since its restoration, this DB5 had only covered approximately 2,000 miles since its restoration. It had been stored properly, but again seldomly used.

Within the last year, this DB5 has been the recipient of a comprehensive recommissioning at a cost of well over $100,000 due to its lack of use over the past twenty years. During this refreshening, it was decided to convert the DB5 from RHD to LHD, more suitable for use on the roads of America. It has been converted with only factory parts and thus indistinguishable from original factory LHD specifications.

Today, this DB5 is absolutely superb and correct in every way and complete with its original factory build sheet, original tools and factory jack.

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