1968 Alfa Romeo

1300 Junior GTa STRadale

Red with Black interior and Black carpeting, 221 kms since complete restorations, 4-speed manual.

Autodelta was given the task of transforming the elegant touring car into a machine capable of successfully defending the marque's interests on the track. The body was lightened using a special alloy "Peraluman 25" for the exterior panels, while the steel platform was retained for rigidity. Elements such as the soundproofing were removed and the interior was stripped as necessary. Along with this radical weight change, the 1,570 cc Giulia engine received a modified cylinder head, twin-plug ignition, larger valves, increased compression ratio that raised the power to 115 bhp. The transmission and suspension were also modified to improve the handling of the standard series model. The new car was called the Sprint GTA, for "Alleggerita" (lightened). The price of a GTA was much higher than that of the standard Giulia GT coupé, over a third more expensive than the basic price and not far off that of a TZ, underlining the extent of the modifcations that completely transformed the car's personality.

The new GTA was unveiled on 18 February 1965 at the Motor Show in Amsterdam. Three years later, in 1968, Alfa Romeo launched a smaller version to compete in the new under 1300cc class. The major differences between the 1300 Junior and its big sister concerned the engine, which was reduced to 1,290cc. It had the same twin plug, big valve configuation and developed 96 bhp. The GTA 1600 ceased production in 1969, but production of the 1300 continued until 1972. Approximately 500 examples of both versions were built (although Group 2 homologation required production of 1000 examples).

Alfa Romeo records confirm this GTA 1300 Junior was produced on 30 July 1968 and sold on 6 August in Genoa, Italy. It had Red coachwork with Black interior, it retains this livery today. This GTA Junior was later found in Sicily, discovered in Catania by the Scuderia Giovanni, who campaigned the car in historic events at the end of the 1990s. The driver and preparer Angelo Chiapparini then bought it in 2001. Sold in 2004 to its past and most recent collector owner, it was then restored to an exceptionally high standard. Everything was returned to the original configuration, the body, interior, twin-plug engine and engine compartment, particular mechanical elements, suspension and chassis look almost new.

A genuine GTA 1300 in exceptional condition, it must be one of the finest available in every way.

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