1988 Lotus

Esprit se Turbo

--Calypso Red, Beige leather interior, Beige carpeting, Clear moonroof panel, 2.2 Liter Inline 4-Cylinder Turbocharged engine, 5-Speed manual transmission, Long-term ownership.

The Lotus Esprit became an instant star when James Bond and 'Q' chose it for the 007 films “The Spy Who Loved Me” and “For Your Eyes Only.” A Turbo Esprit for Roger Moore as James Bond was used in “For Your Eyes Only” with skis strapped to the back for a skiing trip to Italy's posh Cortina ski resort. What more can be said, awesome!

In 1987, the Esprit was restyled by British designer Peter Stevens, who would later go on to design the McLaren F1. The new Esprit was more rounded than its predecessors and increases cabin space from its redesigned interior. Instead of calling this the Series 4 model, Lotus used its project code, X180. The SE model received further changes to the body including new side skirts, front air dam, new wing mirrors and a rear wing.

The Esprit produced 260bhp and was good for a top speed over 160 mph, 0-60 mph attainable in just 5 seconds. Hand built in limited numbers; the Esprit remains one of the most iconic and popular thoroughbred sports cars ever produced.

This Esprit was owned by its first owner in Illinois from new until 2006. Subsequently sold, it was then owned by a Lotus enthusiast in Massachusetts since and to date. It has been serviced and maintained when and where needed and drives well. Due to limited use over the recent years, we would recommend a service-maintenance prior to its next ownership to ensure she is ready for many more years of enjoyment. The engine and gearbox are excellent and smooth with great power during acceleration and the typical throaty Lotus exhaust note. A truly iconic sports car, this Esprit is comfortable and dialed in for around-town cruising.

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