1967 Morgan

Plus Four

Morgan White, Black vinyl seats with Black carpets and Black top, Inline 1600 cc crossflow Ford 4 cylinder, 4 speed manual transmission, 22,859 miles.

The Morgan 4/4 was first introduced in 1947 and remained in production until 1969, running through 5 different series. This Series V is one of the 639 Series V produced. It was Morgans first 4-wheel car, previous Morgan having been known for their Three-wheeler. Styling remained virtually unchanged throughout the years, with both a 4 seat version and a 2 seat version as this particular example is. Front disc brakes became an option in 1959 and were standardized in 1960. Interestingly, a racing version of the plus 4 became available in 1962, the same year it won class at the famous 24 hours of Le Mans!

This Morgan 4/4 was first purchased in the UK by a US military Colonel who was stationed there at the time. Used sparingly in the UK when time permitted, the Colonel was later transferred back home to the United States and decided to bring his Morgan with him. Eventually, he sold the car to the then President of the Morgan association of Virginia, Doug Marken. Mr Marken decided to make this Morgan his own and swapped out the seats for more sporty bucket style replacements and a new steering wheel which remains in the car to this day. The Engine was converted at some point from the Ford 1500cc 4 cylinder to an enlarged 1600cc cross flow Ford 4 cylinder with a close ratio gearbox mated for a more sporty feel. After a considerable number of fond years of ownership, it was time to move on and the 4/4 was sold to a Dr. Weisberg some 20 years ago. In December of 2015, finding a home with its most recent custodian who is well known to Autosport Designs, it was used sparingly over the spring and summer months. It has since been traded to Autosport Designs for another British sports car!

Recently, this Morgan 4/4 has received the following maintenance work. Full brake service, including the replacement of front rotors, pads, hubs, calipers and wheel bearings. The fluids were drained, flushed and replaced to ensure the hydraulic brake system would operate as it should. A general engine service was performed, including the replacement of all filters, fluids and spark plugs. At this time a new correct replacement carburetor unit was sourced, fitted and tuned. The ignition system inspected, distributor inspected and set as per manufacturers recommended specifications. Lastly, the chassis serviced with correct lubrication and finally inspected for safety.

This lovely Morgan 4/4 runs superbly and doesnt miss a beat. It is a perfect summer driver that would provide hours of enjoyment both to local shows or just to lunch! Upon a recent road test, the engine ran extremely well, testament to the limited mileage and care that this Morgan has thankfully received. A welcomed British sports car for a discerning enthusiast.

Price: $24,500