1985 Mazda


Light Beige with Brown Velour upholstery and Brown carpeting. 2,400 original miles, 1.2 liter Rotary Wankel engine, 5-speed manual transmission, Pristine all Original Concours Condition.

Mazda first offered the original RX-7 sports car in 1978 with a revolutionary Wankel engine. The Wankel rotary engine defied the norm with its unique design. The Wankel has no pistons and instead a triangular rotor which rotates around the combustion chamber. The result is a much smaller displacement than the typical piston engine. This 1.2 liter Wankel produced just over 100 bhp. However, the RX-7 had a very lightweight design allowing the car to have an incredibly balanced 50/50 weight distribution. The entire car was under 2,500 pounds, making the RX-7 incredibly nimble with fantastic handling.

This RX-7 was originally sold by Livermore Mazda in Livermore, CA in June of 1985. It was purchased by a Ms. Judith Boring and Mr. Bob Surratt and remained it their ownership until just a few years ago. This RX-7 presents exceptionally well as an extreme low-mile, preservation example with only 2,400 miles on the odometer. It is truly immaculate in every way and would be an excellent addition to any collection and turn-key ready for the concours lawn. It is complete with original window sticker, owners manual, brochure, keys, service and ownership history.

Price: $27,500